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Stop Nosebleeds with JSTOP™

What is JSTOP™? JSTOP™ is a brand-new medical device used to stop severe and chronic nosebleeds. Nosebleeds are no joke especially when you notice that they are coming on more and more regularly. Gone are the days when you are told to just pinch your nose and wait for it to stop bleeding. With the…

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The Basics of a Nosebleed

What Is a Nosebleed? A lot of people go through life having a few nosebleeds every so often thinking it’s normal. For some, it’s actually more dangerous than one would think. The middle to the front part of the nose is not the only area experiencing trauma when a nosebleed occurs. There are larger blood…

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Frequent Nosebleeds Can Be Dangerous

Dangers of Serious Nosebleeds  A nosebleed here or there usually isn’t a serious problem. It is when it frequently occurs that you should seek medical attention and advice. It could be a sign of an underlying condition that can turn deadly.  Underlying Conditions According to the American Heart Association, when a person has an abnormal…

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