The Truth About Nosebleeds

What’s JStop Nosebleed

JSTOP is the fastest device that can stop serious nosebleeds. Seconds matter when somebody is bleeding. We have all seen it in movies and real life. A shark bite might not kill you but the blood loss that follows will. If you are bleeding heavily from your nose, the blood loss can be rapid and significant. It has to be stopped as fast as possible.

This is especially true of elderly individuals who have high blood pressure and other medical conditions. Some of these serious nosebleeds can flow backwards into the throat and the airway. This can even asphyxiate patients.

The problem of serious nosebleeds is increasing as the population ages and more individuals are on blood thinners.  Most of the emergency personnel and ambulances do not carry any specific device to stop these serious life threatening nosebleeds. It has been designed to make it fast, simple and reliable. 

Jstop was invented by a practicing ENT physician who tried all available methods of stopping nosebleeds but found them ineffective in more serious cases.  After many experiments and prototypes, JStop was finally developed and tested as the solution to severe nosebleeds.

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What Are The Benefits of JStop?

What is JStop?

JStop is a medical device used to stop severe nosebleeds when other basic remedies arenot sufficient.

Why do I need it?

JStop is the best available solution to severe nosebleeds. The triple action device addresses all symptoms of nosebleeds.

How does it work

A balloon is inflated to block the back of the nose and stops blood from dripping down the throat while a second balloon applies pressure inside the nose to tamponade the bleeding vessel.

Where can I use it?

JStop is typically used in emergency rooms, urgent care centers, medical office and ambulances.

When is the best time to use it?

The sooner the device is applied, the faster the bleeding stops

Where can I buy it?

JStop can be ordered online by healthcare professionals and insitiutions.

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